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RUSH to help Cory, baseball player, paralyzed and left in unresponsive condition after a terrible accident in the outfield. Please donate.

Jan. 7, 2013 – Cory has transferred to Craig Hospital in Denver. He is being re-evaluated and his family is hopeful that he will continue to make progress. Stay tuned for updates.

**Update** – Prayers still needed.  Cory is still not “awake” (hopefully, his brain is healing and needs more time)  but is making small, but nevertheless positive, steps.   He is being moved to an interim, acute long-term care facility until more brain function is seen.

Cory is a very recent catastrophically injured athlete who sustained a neck/spine injury, had surgery, is now a paraplegic, was glad to be alive and accepted his fate; however, after a few days his health became complicated and family was told that he was losing his battle but he’s a fighter and pulled through against all odds. He’s slowly recovering but the real concern is that he needs to wake up – he’s unconscious – and with all our prayers and God’s blessing, he will not have permanent brain damage. Please pray for Cory.

Rush For A Cause www.rushforacause.org was the first to be contacted as a resource when tragedy struck….we are Making A Difference.

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