501 (c) 3 Foundation Supporting Catastrophically Injured Student-Athletes

Gymnasts Statewide support cause at “2013 Rock-N-Roll Classic”

RUSH "Athletes Helping Athletes"

January, 2013: At the 2013 Rock-N-Roll Classic annual gymnastic event held by Gymnastics World of Brecksville, gymnasts across the State of Ohio competed on the mats, but more impressively, during the weekend event they gave selflessly for a greater mission.

“Pay It Forward” and “Act of Kindness” describes the big picture. Athletes Helping Athletes, the core of the foundation.

Natalie LaCava, an eighth grade student at Brecksville Middle School and a Level 8 Gymnast at Gym World learned of a fellow gymnast, 15 year old Jacoby Miles, who was paralyzed late 2012 in a terrible gymnastic accident. Natalie, familiar with RUSH FOR A CAUSE, followed in Matt Galland’s footsteps, and was moved to help Make A Difference. Natalie took charge and organized a RUSH fundraiser in hopes that her fellow gymnasts would also be moved to give back and let Jacoby know that others care.

Natalie’s fundraising efforts were successful in raising a generous EIGHTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS ($1,800.00)!!! RUSH will match the raised funds to make a $3,600.00 donation toward Jacoby’s “out of pocket” medical expenses and/or care.

If you know Natalie, you know that she is a humble and compassionate young lady but her selfless jump to take action makes her a LEADER, too. Thank you Natalie.

A special thank you to the Ganim family of Gymnastics World for their continued support of RUSH and to all those who donated.

If you wish to give, you may do so by credit card on the home page or by check payable to RUSH FOR A CAUSE and mailed to Rush For A Cause, P.O. Box 41327, Brecksville, OH 44141. All donations are tax-deductible.