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Gymnasts Statewide support cause at “2013 Rock-N-Roll Classic”

January, 2013: At the 2013 Rock-N-Roll Classic annual gymnastic event held by Gymnastics World of Brecksville, gymnasts across the State of Ohio competed on the mats, but more impressively, during the weekend event they gave selflessly for a greater mission. “Pay It Forward” and “Act of Kindness” describes the big picture. Athletes...

RUSH to help Cory, baseball player, paralyzed and left in unresponsive condition after a terrible accident in the outfield. Please donate.

Jan. 7, 2013 – Cory has transferred to Craig Hospital in Denver. He is being re-evaluated and his family is hopeful that he will continue to make progress. Stay tuned for updates. **Update** – Prayers still needed. ┬áCory is still not “awake” (hopefully, his brain is healing and needs more time) ┬ábut is making small, but nevertheless...

Day-to-Day Struggles of a Catastrophically Injured Athlete


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