501 (c) 3 Foundation Supporting Catastrophically Injured Student-Athletes

Making a Difference

How Do We Make A Difference?

Making a Difference in the lives of others is important.

Random acts of kindness.  If we have an opportunity to help make a difference, don’t hesitate.  Life is full of uncertainties and we never know when we may be the one in need.


With your tax-deductible donation, we are able to provide financial assistance to qualified candidates to help with medical expenses above and beyond their insurance coverage.

Work to alleviate physical and emotional stress for a candidate and his/her family by offering a community of support through:
– our Medical Advisory Board
– peer-to-peer support/success stories from others who were victims of a catastrophic injury
– educational resources to help them navigate their medical journey as well as their recovery: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


We will continue to advocate for sport safety and injury prevention to protect our young athletes. We are working in alliance with associations that share mutual goals to ensure that safety standards are maintained at the highest level for our youth. Helping keep
this topic in the forefront is critical.


Advocating for prevention through the following:
– helping push legislation to improve high school football helmet safety standards, help cut down on concussions (see “Concussion” tab on website for further information regarding this topic and how you can help.)
– campaigning to improve equipment and technique to lessen risk of serious and life-altering disabilities in all contact sports.

Education is key! As parents, grandparents, and as a society, we need to be educated and aware of the risks, the latest in prevention and how WE can Make A Difference in making sure that high school athletics are held to the highest safety standards.

Please visit our Concussion tab to learn the latest information on what is a concussion, facts, proper diagnostics, treatment and recovery and how we can take action to decrease the number of concussions.