501 (c) 3 Foundation Supporting Catastrophically Injured Student-Athletes

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Our Services (& Your Donation) At Work

New Catastrophic Injured Athlete:
At the news of an injured athlete, RUSH makes initial contact with the family, Athletic Director, or high school administrator. Most times, the first days, even weeks, understandably are very stressful and traumatic for the athlete, his/her family and community and private time is needed and warranted.

Once a proper diagnosis and prognosis is made, and when the time is appropriate, through discussions RUSH discovers the needs of the injured athlete and works with the family to provide a form of assistance.

Support and Resources during the Medical Crisis Journey:
We offer to injured athletes and his/her family vital resources ranging from:
– Certified Medical Advisory Board
– Peer-to-peer support from other athletes who have suffered a traumatic sport-related injury
– Resources and education through our alliances to help them navigate and cope with their condition and new environment
– Community support

Grants / Scholarships:
Recipients shall receive grants and/or scholarships in the following ways, but not limited to:

– Durable Medical Equipment (i.e. wheelchair, ramps, powered hospital bed, staircase rail chair-lift, etc.) dependent on needs.

– Rehabilitation – rehabilitation for physical and/or mental condition as a result of a traumatic sport injury. Rehabilitation for spinal cord injury (sci) is typically covered by insurance because there is no definitive medical proof that rehab will bring the miracle the athlete is hoping for, however, if rehab is crucial to maintain muscle strength and prevent atrophy. Rehabilitation for sci is an out-of-pocket expense and very expensive (i.e. $1,250.00/weekly).

– Education / Special Needs: RUSH encourages athletes after an injury to continue their education and believes that everyone should have the opportunity and right to an education in spite of their special needs. Education is beneficial to their contribution to society but is an avenue to rediscover self-esteem and confidence.

The ultimate goal of RUSH is to help injured athletes to accept, cope and move forward in their lives in a healthy, happy way with the support they deserve.