501 (c) 3 Foundation Supporting Catastrophically Injured Student-Athletes

Peer-to-Peer Outreach Program


How do you CHOOSE to deal with adversity?


Our Peer-to-Peer Outreach Program connects catastrophically injured student-athletes (and their families) enabling them to ask questions, share best practices and possibly their deepest concerns and struggles to someone who truly understands.

This program brings hope, faith and the motivation vital to move forward physically, mentally and socially in their new journey in life.





Let these members be examples of great CHARACTER, DETERMINATION, and PERSEVERANCE…..they are true ROLE MODELS.   We can all learn from them.  See the “BIG” picture and remind ourselves to put things in proper perspective.




MARK TUPA, JR.. - spinal cord injury in 2003 playing football.









With a strong faith and a tremendous amount of hard work, Mark has made a full recovery, went on to attend undergraduate school at Notre Dame University and is currently in Law School at the Ohio State University.  Mark’s story is one of God’s miracles and gives hope and encouragement to others.


KORY WIITA - spinal cord injury in 2009 playing football.









Kory is an inspiration to many.   Three years later, but not without focusing on a rigorous rehab therapy program and a lot of will, Kory is not letting his being a quadriplegic stop him from living.  He has gone skydiving, is learning to drive and is currently attending the Ohio State University.


MICHAEL CANTU - spinal cord injury in 2011 while doing gymnastics.

Michael sporting his Rush t-shirt at a ballgame.









Michael has had a rough first year as a quadriplegic, but has finally made a positive turn in his recovery.   In spite of his health issues, he has never faltered in his positive attitude which attests to his great character and strength – he truly is an inspiration!  We look forward to watching Michael as he continues to gain strength and move forward in his rehabilitation and ultimately his independence.


PORTER HANCOCK - spinal cord injury in 2011 playing football.

PORTER HANCOCK - healthier and stronger.










Porter has come a long way and is a great inspiration and testimony of not giving up!


DONNOVAN HILL - spinal cord injury in 2011 while playing football.









Donnovan was only 14 years old at the time of his injury.  He is a quadriplegic but is working very hard at his rehabilitation therapy and is making progress.


Jacob Rainey, quarterback

Jacob suffered a catastrophic football injury resulting in amputation of his right leg below his knee.  Jacob was a highly recruited football player and Division 1 was on his radar.  There was even talk of his potential as a NFL prospect.   He has remarkably showed determination to not let his accident hold him back from playing football or at least fighting for the opportunity to test his abilities.   Jacob has earned a walk-on spot for the University of Virginia football team.  CONGRATULATIONS JACOB.  We wish him the very best this summer as he joins the team for tryouts.  Go Jacob!

Mark Tupa, Jr. visits with Michael Cantu