501 (c) 3 Foundation Supporting Catastrophically Injured Student-Athletes

Success Stories

We are proud to share with you those lives that we have touched.  We will keep you updated as they progress in their path of recovery.  BELIEVE.  MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.

First, watch a video from Matt Galland, founder


Jacoby suffered a spinal cord injury during a gymnastic stunt leaving her a quadriplegic.

Jacoby, level 9 gymnast, suffered a sci in a gymnastic accident

Rush For A Cause will be making a donation to help Jacoby with her out-of-pocket medical expenses.




Cory, baseball player, suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury and a traumatic brain injury.


Cory, baseball player suffered a spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.

Cory, centerfielder, chasing down a ball collides with the fence and suffers a broken neck and a spinal cord injury.  Cory, as a result of this tragic accident, is a quadriplegic.  In addition, he suffered a traumatic brain injury and is undergoing medical assessment and treatment.

Rush For A Cause assisted in the purchase of a handicap van for Cory.

Please keep Cory and his loving family in your prayers.



Donnovan suffered a spinal cord injury (sci) playing football and is now a quadriplegic.

Donnovan in physical therapy


Rush For A Cause has issued a grant for Donnovan’s rehabilitation therapy at a local rehab facility specializing in spinal cord injury.

Donnovan is currently being home tutored and hopes to return to his high school second semester.




Michael after surgery

Michael suffered a C6 vertebrae break and complete spinal cord injury (sci) resulting from a gymnastic accident and is now a quadriplegic.

Michael, age 15, with his sister

Upon Michael’s release from the hospital five months after his injury, Rush For A Cause provided a grant for the purchase of a fully automatic hospital bed and an automatic lift for Michael to help facilitate his mobility at home.

Over a year later, RUSH partnered with Gymnastics World and gymnasts across the State of Ohio supported the cause and Michael and incorporated an “Athletes Helping Athletes” fundraiser into their annual Rock N Roll Classic.  A grant was applied toward the purchase of a new handicap van for Michael.











Kory receiving physical therapy


Kory suffered a C5-C6 vertebrae break and a spinal cord injury resulting from a football accident in October, 2009.

Kory was Matt’s inspiration for founding Rush For A Cause.

Rush For A Cause has issued a grant toward Kory’s rehabilitation at the C.O.R.E. rehabilitation facility (formerly Step It Up) located in FL.




Kory’s diligence and hard work (kudos Kory!) compounded with the expertise of his trainers, Kory has made outstanding progress.

Summer, 2012 Kory went skydiving. COURAGE.








See for yourself.



Testimony that Miracles Do Happen:

Chase Kear from Kansas, injured in a pole vault accident in high school.

His family was told that he would not survive through the night.

Chase not only survived, he has since made a full recovery and coaches pole valuting at his local high school.

Chase’s story is at the Vatican being considered as a Miracle by God’s intervention.

Miracles Do Happen.